About the Clayton Tiny Collection

At Clayton, we know that you can create a pretty incredible life from a humble, smart beginning and that sometimes less is more. Homes are no longer considered better simply because they are more expensive or larger than their neighbors. Every day more people realize that downsizing to a cozy home with modest features that help maximize space could answer all of their needs, and this is a trend we don’t anticipate going away any time soon – hence the creation of the Clayton Designer Series tiny homes.

In 2015 we began prototyping and building tiny home floor plans to see what methods and materials would produce the best possible tiny home design. We researched building codes, tested for durability and sustainability and developed what we consider a world class product – the Designer Series.

Tiny homes in the Designer Series are precision built to the International Residential Code, or IRC. Building to the IRC means that our tiny homes are technically small modular homes and can be lived in year-round unlike tiny houses on wheels. Our tiny homes are an efficient, luxurious solution to the demand of the tiny home movement for small space with luxury amenities and modern features. Smart floor plans, clever utilization of space, built-in storage and stylish design are only the beginning of what you can look forward to when you choose a Designer Series tiny home to call your own.

About Clayton Homes

Clayton, a Berkshire Hathaway company, has been providing affordable, quality built housing since 1956. Since opening our doors, we have continued to lead the housing industry in improving construction efficiencies and floor plan designs. We use environmentally conscientious building processes, where waste and energy use levels are controlled and reduced through the ISO 14001 program. Our homes are built in climate controlled building facilities away from the elements using a production line system to streamline the home construction process. This allows us to precision build homes all while delivering on the Clayton Built™ promise of quality, efficiency and affordability.

About the Architect

Jeffrey Dungan discovered a love for art and drawing at a young age while growing up on his family farm in rural Alabama. Being immersed in the countryside would become the inspiration for years of designing and creating beautiful architecture.

Dungan’s creative work can be seen throughout North and Central America. Recognized for his clean and modern approach to traditional vernaculars and classical architecture, he is a fresh voice in the industry. In addition to his architecture, he brings passion, depth and an endless enthusiasm for the people he works with and for.

Jeffrey has been honored with awards from the American Institute of Architects each year since 2006 as well as the “Honor Award” by the state of Alabama in 2015. He was named a fellow in 2015 to the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art and has won two coveted Shutze awards from the ICAA.

Dungan’s work has been featured in numerous books as well as LUXE, The Wall Street Journal, Garden & Gun, Southern Living, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, and House Beautiful.

A Message from Jeffrey Dungan

When we started working on these tiny houses we began by thinking of living a more edited life and in simple ways and times.  As that line of thinking led to making architectural choices, we also found that simple lines were the most powerful and elegant.  We looked at forms of simple outdoor structures- and found tents and teepees and sheds.  We found materials that were natural seemed to fit in best with what we were creating- and indeed in the environments that these structures might populate.

What emerged from all the creative dust and investigations and sketches were 5 simple houses all derived or inspired from these things- nature, history and simplicity.  I am very proud of our team and these tiny pieces of architecture, but more pleased to be able to use our creative gifts and talents to create a handful of places that are within reach of a much broader spectrum of people than we normally would be able to serve.  As always, our goals are to elevate their life experience- and bring serenity to the enjoyment of living.

The firm is a close knit group of design professionals with a passion for making people’s lives better through the places we design. We work closely with our clientele always striving to understand their lives and create places of lasting beauty and permanence.

Our focus is to merge architecture and structure with interiors that create the most thoughtful and cohesive experiences. We collaborate with talented artisans and interior designers from across the country, always having fun in the process.

About the Tiny Home Collection...

The Beginnings...

When we were approached to design a collection of modular or manufactured houses my first thought was “that’s what I’ve spent the better part of my life avoiding!” After some reflection I realized that sometimes opportunities come disguised. We were impressed with how serious the group at Clayton was about doing something out of the box that could actually change the paradigm of what it means to be a manufactured home. We continue to be excited about the challenge of raising the bar and thrilled with bringing the fit and finish of custom homes to a totally new market.

The Challenge...

We have enjoyed the challenge of designing space in a totally different way. I think the best way to conceptually understand it is "design by the square inch instead of the square foot.” It’s daunting to say the least to create elegant thoughtful spaces in such a small footprint and still sleep 8 people. What happens is you have to start thinking differently. You start designing in a way that everything matters, you start designing in a more nautical way, more like a yacht.

The Results...

I believe to be an artist means, among other things, that you continue to evolve and explore. Picasso said, “I’m always doing what I cannot do, so that I may learn how to do it.” That belief is at the heart of why we partnered with Clayton to bring our expertise in working on custom home designs for the last 25 years to bear on an exciting new market- the tiny home. More than a market, it's a movement- people wanting a less is more approach to living which is simpler, fresher and invigorating. It represents an exciting sea change to life as we know it.

Jeff Dungan